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  • Amla & Coconut milk solid shampoo bar – Funky Soap Shop

    This 100% natural solid shampoo bar (apporx 120g) is made with amla.  Amla has been used for hair care by ancient traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda for centuries.  It is the fruit of the Indian gooseberry tree Phyllanthus emblica.    Amla is rich in nutrients and vitamins which helps to promote hair growth and a healthier scalp and hair.  Amla is also good for healing with dandruff and scalp irritation.  For this shampoo the amla powder has been infused with oil for 2 weeks prior to making.  The shampoo also contains neem oil, coconut milk and avocado oil which is added for extra nourishment to your hair. If you leave the shampoo in your hair for a few minutes, it will give you the full effect of the treatment.   All the you need to do is lather up the shampoo between your hands and use like any other shampoo.  If you would like to use a conditioner afterward you can, but if you would like to stay natural, then just rinse with a little diluted cider vinegar.
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  • Solid conditioning bar for oily hair – Funky Soap Shop

    This 100% natural, handmade, vegan solid conditioning bar is for anyone with oily hair and scalp.  It contains tee tree essential oils, cocoa butter and hemp seed oil.   Tee tree oil has anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties which make it good for treating dandruff.  It can also clear the hair follicles and allow your hair to breathe as it moisturises the scalp whilst preventing build-up of excess oil on the scalp.  This which enables hair growth.  Cocoa butter has healing and softening properties that will make your hair healthy, lovely and shiny.  Hemp seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin and it is also 25% protein.  Your hair will love this.   Remember to keep out of your eyes. Ingredients: Theobroma Cacoa Butter (Cocoa Butter), Behentrimonium Methosulfate (Emulsifying Wax), Cetearyl Alcohol (Emulsifying Wax), Vitus Vinifera Oil (Grapeseed Oil), Prunus Dulcis Oil (Almond Oil), Cannabis Sativa Oil (Hemp Seed Oil), Panthenol Powder, Plant Keratin, Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil (Tea Tree), Limonene (Within The Essential Oils) CONTAINS NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS, SUITABLE FOR VEGANS, NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS Our products are all 100% natural and handmade in small batches. Shape, colour, scent, size and appearance can vary slightly between batches and it is in the nature of this product. As they are all natural scents they might not be as strong or develop when in use.  
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  • Hemu Wood Soap Dish – Oval

    Wooden soap dish made from sustainably sourced hemu wood
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  • Hemu Wood Soap Dish – Fish Shape

    Wooden soap dish made from sustainably sourced hemu wood
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  • Platane Wood Soap Dish

    Wooden soap dish made from sustainably sourced platane wood
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